Public Safety Update: A Message from DPS Chief Tony Callisto and SA President Dylan Lustig, 09/24/2012

A Message from DPS Chief Tony Callisto and Student Association President Dylan Lustig

September 24, 2012

Students have received a number of Public Safety Notices and other correspondence from DPS regarding crime‐related incidents in the East Neighborhood and some other areas surrounding campus this semester. Additionally, we recently became aware of an unsubstantiated rumor circulating that students may have been or could be the victim of crimes being perpetrated by non‐students as some sort of initiation as part of gang activities.

To be clear, DPS has absolutely had no reason to believe this is true and experts on these matters from the Syracuse Police Department have concurred. The rumor is simply false. While there is typically an uptick in crime near SU at the beginning of the fall semester, we have not seen an increase beyond what has been experienced over past years in the immediate campus and rental area near campus (Euclid Ave area).

However, there have been two recent incidents of concern on Marshall Street near Acropolis Pizza involving non‐SU students, and SU students have not been the targets of this activity.  We would therefore suggest avoiding this establishment late at night, as it has been the center‐point of these activities. Further, as we mentioned in previous messages over the past three weeks, we continue to have concerns regarding non‐students attempting to gain access to student parties. There are concerns that some of these non‐students have criminal backgrounds. We strongly encourage students to call 911 if non‐ students enter a party. Students should know who is attending any party they hold. All students should also only attend parties where they know the hosts and should immediately leave if they feel uncomfortable.

In response to these incidents and concerns, DPS is working very closely with the SPD on investigations of the incidents and strategies to deter criminal activity and promote safe student behavior. Patrols have been significantly increased by the SPD, DPS as well as the Onondaga County Sheriff’s office. These proactive, joint law enforcement patrols will continue over the coming weeks to minimize the likelihood of crime. In this vein, we’d like to remind you of some basic safety tips that will enhance your safety on and around the SU campus:

  • Never walk alone, take advantage of the CENTRO and Caz Limo bus services. Taxi services are also available.
  • Walk, bike or jog in groups of three or more, away from bushes, cars, and other objects a suspect could hide behind.
  • After dark, take advantage of the free safety escort services available through the Department of Public Safety. Both walking and shuttle services are available to students, staff, and faculty at SU or SUNY‐ESF. Call 443‐SAFE (7233) for more information about these services.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: look and listen. Headphones and cell phones can create tunnel vision.
  • Travel in well‐lit and populated areas.
  • Keep porch lights on at night.  Have your house or car keys in hand before you reach your door.
  • Don’t approach strangers or let them get close to you.
  • If you think someone is following you, switch directions or cross the street. Go toward an open business or lighted house.
  • Know where campus blue light alarms are and how to use them.
  • If someone tries to rob you, don’t resist. Give up your property, not your life.
  • If you are in a safe place to do so, attempt to get a description of the suspect(s) and any associated vehicles or license plate numbers.

If you have any questions about these important matters, please feel free to contact DPS at 315.443.5476