Orange Alert Test to be Conducted Monday, April 10

Syracuse University will conduct a test of the ORANGE ALERT Campus Crisis Alert Notification System on Monday, April 10, 2017 at 2 p.m. It will be a full test of the personal email, text message, cell voice, and campus phone components of the system. The test will also include the ORANGE ALERT outdoor siren system on SU’s North and South Campuses. As a further refinement of the system, the Orange Alert test message will also be sent to the main SU Facebook and Twitter accounts, and will display on the Syracuse University homepage and video monitors located in common areas in several buildings around campus.

Syracuse University has a commitment to regular assessment of the performance of the Orange Alert System and the companies that provide the services that allow these mass communications.

For the purpose of this test, the ORANGE ALERT message will be sent to all SU students, faculty and staff; SUNY-ESF students; and to SUNY-ESF faculty and staff who have signed up. ORANGE ALERT will send a notice to all devices that are registered on the system. To verify which devices you have registered, log into MySlice and click on the “Orange Alert” link; there you can update your contact information. If you have not updated your information lately, we ask that you take a moment to do so. You will not need to respond to the test message. The sirens will be activated for a two-minute blast at 2 p.m. Staff who are assigned two-way portable radios will also receive a test message over the radio at that time.

The subject line of the test email will read “ORANGE ALERT SYSTEM TEST.” The test voice message will come from 844.582.5378. The test text message will appear from number 226787 or from number 67283. You may wish to program these numbers into your wireless device as “SU ORANGE ALERT.” Please note: if you program these numbers into your wireless device, all text messaging from 226787 or from 67283, including weather closings, will appear as “SU ORANGE ALERT.”

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