Scheurer and Wazen Receieve Law Enforcement Commendation Awards

Earlier this month, Officer Scheurer and Officer Wazen both recieved the Law Enforcement Commendation Award from the Central New York Association of Chiefs of Police.

The following was shared as the nomination for Officer Scheurer:

For promoting, establishing, and encouraging law enforcement or investigative efforts on campus and surrounding neighborhoods. Is focused on keeping the peace, protecting life and property, reducing crime and enforcing laws.

On October 27, 2016, Officer Scheurer observed a suspicious vehicle parked outside the Inn Complete, which was closed for business. He recalled reading on the Internet about incidents in Cicero and Liverpool where a vehicle matching the description of the one he was observing, was approaching students waiting at school bus stops. Officer Scheurer contacted the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO), who was conducting the investigation into these incidents. Through his investigative work, Officer Scheurer discovered that the suspect was a University employee. He shared this information with the OCSO and the New York State Police, another investigating agency. This incident was newsworthy and if was not for Officer Scheurer’s keen observation while on patrol, the case would not have been solved.

The following was shared as the nomination for Officer Wazen:

For efforts in establishing, promoting and encourage community policing, customer service, risk prevention, and/or crime prevention efforts on campus and in the neighboring community. Has developed sustainable relationships through proactive interaction, inclusion, community service and/or community policing.

Since Officer Wazen accepted a work assignment at Bird Library, there has been a noticeable decline in larcenies. This decline is attributed to his dedication to working, supervising and mentoring library work-study students.  Officer Wazen takes the time to train all of the students and holds them accountable for the work that they do in the library. Officer Wazen is very active in his job, is highly visible and approachable.  He embodies the energy, care, service, and crime prevention efforts that was characteristic of Major Grant Williams.

Congratulations to both Officers!