Ergonomics Mission Statement

ERGONOMICS for work and home…

Mission Statement of the Syracuse University Ergonomics Task Force:

To provide quality services in ergonomics to effectively assist Syracuse University in reducing occupational injuries and, therefore, reducing workers’ compensation costs. With suggested techniques and information, we will enhance safety, health, and productivity.
Ergonomics is the science that studies how people interact with machines and their working environment (furniture, lighting, etc.) The objective is to find a way to maximize safety, comfort, job performance ,and accuracy.

Ergonomic Stressors are a leading cause of workplace injury and illness in the 1990’s that result in:

  • Absenteeism
  • Rising workers’ compensation and medical costs
  • Lost productivity
  • Declining work quality
  • Decreased worker morale
  • Pain and suffering for afflicted individual

For advice on preventing ergonomic stressors or to schedule an office workstation ergonomics evaluation, contact the Fire and Life Safety Services Office at 315.443.5474.