Office Ergonomics

Simple Solutions to Common Discomforts

Eye Strain

Eye Strain is an exposure that can be reduced by utilizing various techniques:

  • Adjust the angle and/or position of the monitor.
  • Adjust contrast and brightness controls.
  • Position display screens perpendicular to windows.
  • Reduce overhead lighting.
  • Glare reducing filters may be effective.
  • Clean the display screen often.

Neck Discomfort

  • Neck needs to be in a relaxed and neutral position.
  • Relaxed and neutral position for your neck is at a 20 degree angle, downward slightly.
  • To position neck correctly, user’s sight-line (eyes) should be at about ¾ high on the monitor or ¼ from the top of monitor.
  • Most of the text is read at about the middle to lower half on the monitor.

Shoulder Discomfort

  • Shoulders need to stay relaxed in their natural position.
  • Shoulders should be in a normal position; not elevated or pulled away from the body.
  • Be careful of arm rests.
  • Be careful of elbow position.

Arms, Wrists, and Hands

  • Important to have forearms parallel to the floor.
  • Elbows at 90 degrees.
  • Wrists should be straight and neutral when using keyboard and mouse.
  • Do not deviate the wrists’ position to the left or right.(ulnar or radial side of hand)
  • Avoid resting wrists on hard surface or hard edge of desk.
  • Wrists need to be supported by gel filled support.