Workstation Review Checklist

This checklist will help you make a quick but thorough appraisal of your home and office workstations.  A “yes” answer means you are in good shape.  A “no” answer means that you should take a closer look.


Seating – Familiarize yourself with the operation of your chair:  

Is the chair adjustable in height?   Yes____    No____

Does the chair have adjustable arm rests?      Yes____    No____

Does the chair provide adequate lumbar support?     Yes____    No____

Is the user positioned properly in the chair (feet flat on the floor, knees and hips at a 90º angle, and buttocks back in the chair)?    Yes____    No____


Desk/Table for Display Unit:     

Is the desk/table at the proper height (26” – 28”)?    Yes____    No____

Is the width of the desk/table appropriate (approx. 36”)?    Yes____    No____

Is the work area neat & tidy – uncluttered?     Yes____    No____

Is the leg room sufficient (no less than 3-4” from the top of the knee to the bottom of the desk top)?   Yes____  No ____



Is the monitor at the proper height (eyebrow level)?     Yes____    No____

Is the monitor at the proper distance from the user (18-26” arms length)? Yes____    No____

Is the monitor adjustable (up, down, back, and forth)?    Yes____    No____

Are the images on the screen clean, sharp, and easy to read?       Yes____    No____



Does the monitor show an excessive amount of glare?   Yes____    No____

Are all glare sources outside the user’s field of vision?    Yes____    No____

Are the light sources at a 90º angle from the user’s screen?    Yes____    No____

Does the user have a glare screen?    Yes____    No____



Are the hands positioned properly at the keyboard (90º angle at the elbow and the wrists are neutral & relaxed)?     Yes____    No____

Are the keyboard and viewer positioned in front of the user?     Yes____    No____

Does the keyboard have its own support?    Yes____    No____

Are wrist saver pads being used?    Yes____    No____

Are the doglegs in use?    Yes____    No____

Is the keyboard at a proper distance (adjusted to the user)?    Yes____    No____



Is a document holder in use?      Yes____    No____

Is the document holder positioned correctly?      Yes____    No____

Is the climate/temperature comfortable?     Yes____    No____

Is the noise level appropriate for the job tasks?     Yes____    No____