Safety Escort Services: 315.443.SAFE

DPS provides shuttle and walking escorts to ensure that members of the campus community arrive safely to their destinations. As such, the shuttle services are secondary resources to other established transportation methods, including Centro buses. You should familiarize yourself with the bus schedules and plan your activities around the schedule.

If you do find that you need a safety escort, the following services are provided by DPS:

Walking Escort Service

Walking escorts will be provided by individuals wearing a bright orange vest/jacket to students, faculty, and staff, to and from, on and near off campus locations. When they are not providing an escort, they will be strategically located along Euclid Avenue, as well as Walnut Park and Marshall Street. The Walking Escort program operates daily from 10:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. throughout the academic year.

Walking escorts can be requested by calling 315.443.7233 (SAFE).

Shuttle Escort Service

Group of six DPS community service officers posing with DPS shuttle van

The Shuttle Escort Service operates daily from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. throughout the academic year by DPS Community Service Officers.

Shuttle escorts can be requested by calling 315.443.7233 (SAFE).

Please note that groups of three or more persons are considered a safe walking group. If a group of three or more calls requesting a shuttle escort, they will be referred to available transportation services or advised that three or more persons is considered a safe walking group.

The safety escort service is not a commuter ride service. These escorts are solely for your safety and not for convenience. For your convenience, please utilize the Centro buses, ride sharing services or call upon local taxi services.