Shuttle-U-Home Boundaries

Comstock Ave to Adams Street;
Adams Street to Irving Avenue;
Irving Avenue to Harrison Street;
Harrison Street to Townsend Street;
Townsend Street to East Genesee Street;
East Genesee Street to Lexington Ave;
Lexington Ave to Allen Street;
Allen Street to Euclid Avenue;
Euclid Avenue to Westcott Street;
Westcott Street to Meadowbrook Drive;
Meadowbrook Drive to Buckingham Avenue;
Buckingham Avenue to East Colvin Street;
East Colvin Street to Comstock;
Comstock Avenue to Jamesville Avenue;
Jamesville Avenue to Ainsley;
Ainsley Drive to East Brighton Avenue;
East Brighton Avenue to Thurber Street;
Thurber Street to Jamesville Avenue;
Jamesville Avenue to East Colvin Street (including Smith Lane and Roney Lane);
and East Colvin Street to Comstock Avenue (including Robert Drive).