Body-Worn Camera Program

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) initiated a body-worn camera (BWC) pilot program in October 2014, beginning research on BWCs, data management solutions, and best practices and policies; once this phase was completed we publicly announced to the University community that we would be implementing a pilot BWC program effective October 1, 2015. Body camera affixed to a peace officer's uniform

Since that time we have worked to enhance the BWC program. Objectives of the program include:

  1. To provide accurate, transparent documentation of public safety contacts with the public, arrests, and critical incidents,
  2. to improve how information is captured and enhance the accuracy of officer reports,
  3. to enhance the DPS’s ability to review probable cause for arrest, officer and suspect interaction, and evidence for investigative and prosecutorial purposes,
  4. to protect officers against false complaints,
  5. to provide evidence of improper actions, and
  6. to identify matters to be addressed by future training.

Our goal is a model program utilizing best practices that can be shared with other law enforcement partners, and to continue to improve community relations and professional standards within the department.

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