Patrols in Near-Campus Neighborhoods

University Area Crime-control Team (UACT)

The University Area Crime-control Team (UACT), staffed jointly by the SU Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Syracuse Police Department (SPD), patrols in the immediate off-campus and fraternity/sorority neighborhoods focused on robbery and burglary suppression.

The primary mission of the UACT is to further enhance the safety and security of SU community members on campus and in designated areas closest to the University’s campus. Both enforcement agencies patrol areas in the campus area on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in cars from both departments A supervision team consisting of one SPD supervisor and one DPS supervisor will coordinate the UACT.

SPD officers assigned to the UACT will carry their full police authority throughout the neighborhoods adjacent to campus. Combined patrols will enable UACT to further protect the greater campus community and deter crime.

This collaborative initiative strengthens our partnership with local law enforcement and builds on the wide range of enhanced safety and security measures that we have implemented in recent years combining increased patrols and technological advancements.

Neighborhood Safety Patrol (NSP)

The University formed the Neighborhood Safety Patrol program in response to student safety concerns and quality of life issues brought to our attention by residents of the neighborhoods bordering the eastern edge of our campus. This program is a partnership between the residents, the University, and the Syracuse Police Department.

The Department of Public Safety designates one or two patrol units to respond to incidents involving Syracuse University students that occur in the patrol area. When necessary, DPS officers will document student violations of the law and the Syracuse University Code of Student Conduct. DPS officers will respond at the request of the Syracuse Police Department officers assigned to the Neighborhood Patrol. DPS also patrols the east neighborhoods, reporting safety issues and suspicious incidents directly to the Syracuse Police Department.

The designated patrol area consists of the area within the following boundary: Westcott Street to the east; Comstock Avenue to the west; Broad Street to the south; and Clarendon Avenue to the north. The Neighborhood Patrol boundaries have been extended to include the Greek houses in the Walnut Park area bounded by Walnut Avenue to the east, Walnut Place to the West, Harrison Street to the north, and Waverly Avenue to the south.

Orange Watch

Orange Watch is a DPS program that provides an expanded DPS presence in key areas on North and South campuses and in the neighborhoods north and east of campus.

The program expands DPS peace officers’ hours of armed walking, bicycle and vehicle patrol coverage. It supplements DPS’ and other law enforcement agencies’ current activities in areas frequented by students, faculty and staff.

Orange Watch officers are on patrol throughout the year, with increased presence between the hours of 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. and on weekends — times when students have the most serious concerns about safety, according to DPS surveys.

Orange Watch places five additional peace officers and a supervisor on patrol in these areas at night on weekends. During the summer months and on weekdays during the academic year Orange Watch provides three additional peace officers. As a result, patrols in these areas during these times increases by nearly 40 percent on weekdays and more than 60 percent on weekends.

As they perform their duties, Orange Watch officers are highly visible; interact in community building, problem solving and crime prevention; and provide services to students, faculty, staff and residents in need of law enforcement assistance. Orange Watch officers promote the safety of students found walking alone or in small groups; use DPS’ radio network to report on any signs of criminal activity or other safety and security concerns; and assist Syracuse Police Department officers on request.