Services & Resources

The Department of Public Safety provides numerous services to University community members that stretch beyond a typical law-enforcement role:

Courier Service:

Public Safety Officers provide money escort services daily, Monday through Friday, to several University offices and departments. To request a courier, call the Department of Public Safety at 315.443.2224.

Motorist Assistance:

If your car battery dies on campus, you can call the DPS Emergency Communications Center at 315.443.2224 and they will dispatch an officer with a “Jump Pack” to your location to help jump your battery. Inform the dispatcher where your car is located, as well as its make, model, and color to help the responding officer find you more quickly.

For other car problems, we can assist you in contacting the appropriate service (AAA, towing companies, etc.) depending on your needs.

Safety and Security Assessments:

The Department of Public Safety is dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure working environment in partnership with those it serves. As a part of fulfilling this vital mission, the Department of Public Safety’s Crime Prevention division takes proactive measures to better protect the safety of each university department and office through our security vulnerability assessment program.

A free service offered by the DPS, security vulnerability assessments are performed by a DPS officer, who will evaluate the physical security each participating office, the emergency precaution information in the office, along with environmental considerations that may affect the safety of a particular building (i.e., exterior lighting, trees/bushes). The officer will also interview a few members of each department to discuss general safety procedures in the office. The whole process should be quick and easy for each participating department.

The vulnerability assessment will be returned in a timely fashion, along with customized recommendations to improve the safety and security of each office area.

To schedule a security vulnerability assessment, please call 315.443.2224 and ask to speak with a member of our crime prevention team.