Orange Alert

Orange ALERT is Syracuse University’s crisis notification system, designed to provide rapid notification and instruction to SU students, faculty and staff, and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry students in the event of a crisis in progress — an instance in which there is immediate threat of physical harm to members of the campus community.

When activated, ORANGE ALERT uses e-mail, text messaging, push notifications from the Orange Safe app, social media networks and cell/landline phone calls to send a brief notice about the situation and instructions of what to do.

A typical message might read: “There is a (type of crisis) on campus at (a specific location); evacuate the area immediately and remain away until further instructed.”

After the ORANGE ALERT message, more detailed follow-up information is provided through  the University’s website, e-mail, phone, and campus radio and television resources, among others.

ORANGE ALERT contact information for students, faculty and staff is drawn from the MySlice online information system.

To review and/or modify your contact information:

If you are a Syracuse University student or staff or faculty member, go to MySlice, log in using your NetID and Password, select Student Home or Employee Home depending on your primary affiliation with Syracuse University, select the Personal Profile tile, select “Orange Alert Contacts” from the navigation menu, and then review your information.

If you need to add, update, or delete contact information, select the “Contact Details” from the navigation menu. Utilize the “Orange Alert Private Phone” feature to add a secondary/emergency contact (i.e. parent, spouse, sibling, etc.) to receive alerts.

If you are an ESF student, use the ESF emergency contact information page to update your information.

Questions about Orange Alert? Check out our FAQ below. 

Who decides when an ORANGE ALERT message is to be sent?

Department of Public Safety command staff  determine the circumstances in which the system is used and then initiate the process. The system is used for crisis situations in which there is immediate threat of physical harm to members of the campus community.

    How do I know I’m receiving an ORANGE ALERT message?

    “ORANGE ALERT” will be in the subject line of an e-mail and will be vocalized in a phone message. The Caller I.D. on a phone call from ORANGE ALERT will appear as 888-286-1252; similarly, a text message will appear from the number 226787 or 67283; you may want to program these numbers into your wireless device as “SU ORANGE ALERT.”

    When I receive a text message, will I get charged?

    Standard text messaging rates apply, depending on your mobile phone service plan.

    When will my subscription to ORANGE ALERT be deactivated?

    When there is a change in your affiliation with SU or SUNY-ESF (for students-graduation; for faculty/staff-change in employment status), you will be removed from the ORANGE ALERT system.