Blue Lights

Blue Light Phone and Alarm System

The Department of Public Safety offers a number of safety and security initiatives and has developed strategies to create an environment where the educational process can take place relatively free from the fear of crime. One such crime prevention initiative is the Blue Light Alarm System.

The Blue Light System is a series of emergency alarm stations strategically located throughout the campus to provide assistance to anyone in distress. A blue beacon is positioned above each alarm station. When an individual presses the alarm button, they can communicate directly with the communications center at the Department of Public Safety, to notify the dispatcher of the emergency. An officer or an emergency team will be dispatched to respond effectively to the situation.

There are severe penalties for tampering with a Blue Light Alarm or generating a false alarm, including being prosecuted and/or a judicial affairs hearing.

A map of Blue Light locations is embedded below, or you can view the map on Google Maps.