Building Coordinator Program

The building coordinator program is a collaborative effort of emergency services, facilities, electronic building access personnel, and human resources. The program provides a connection point for crisis response, building management and access control, and HR regulatory department of labor posters.

For larger buildings, the roles may be divided into four areas; Primary Building Coordinator, Access Coordinator, Facility Operations Coordinator, and Human Resources, as follows:

Primary Building Coordinator (Primary BC):

  • Designated by his or her dean, director, or department head, to oversee coordination of building maintenance and access and is a facility’s point person for campus emergencies and preparedness,
  • Acts as the primary contact for University officials and external emergency personnel involved in evacuating the building when necessary,
  • Assists the Physical Plant, ESSM, and DPS in training occupants on the University’s emergency procedures and pre-designated short-term evacuation centers,
  • Assists in resolving building issues, including after-hours emergencies affecting the facilities s/he serves,
  • If no “access coordinator” or “facilities operations coordinator” (see roles below) is assigned, fills access and facility operations roles (deans, directors and department heads may opt to assign these responsibilities to the same person holding the primary BC position, or appoint other personnel to cover these duties and report their progress to the primary BC).

Access Coordinator:

  • Approves building access privileges through the Building Online Security System (BOSS),
  • Updates the building occupancy schedules, including the daily locking and unlocking times as requested by the primary BC or the Department of Public Safety,
  • Communicates with the Primary BC and provides reports of all individuals having access to the building as requested.

Facility Operations Coordinator:

  • Issues building maintenance and custodial requests to the appropriate Building Manager at the Physical Plant,
  • Acts as a point of contact for routine and special communications regarding building maintenance, utilities and/or utility disruptions, construction and/or renovation and keeps building occupants informed,
  • Works closely with the Primary BC and the Access Coordinator to communicate building issues,
  • Uses an online form with ESSM to submit detailed requests for special events outside the standing building schedule, Summer/Winter Break Schedules, Green Days period or other extended holiday periods

Office of Human Resources:

  • Manages the campus wide distribution of the department of labor posters


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