Reporting to the TAMT

In An Emergency:

If you notice someone behaving in a way that is concerning and you believe that s/he/they present(s) an immediate danger to the Syracuse University community, please call the Department of Public Safety at 315.443.2224 with as much information as possible.

If you are in a situation where it is unsafe to call the Department of Public Safety, you can also text or email, or use the Orange Safe app, to report a concern and/or reach an emergency dispatcher 24 hours a day.

In Non-Emergency Situations:

You may make a report to regarding concerning behavior that does not constitute an immediate danger. You may also complete and submit a Web Report Form that will be sent to the TAMT.

Barnes Center at The Arch Counseling provides 24-hour support to students who are experiencing an emotional crisis. Call 315.443.8000 and follow the prompt to speak with a therapist.

Community Standards (315.443.3728), Student Title IX Case Management(315.44.0211), Student Outreach and Support (315.443.4357), Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, and Resolution Services(315.443.4018), and Human Resources (315.443.4042, option “1”) are other outlets for reporting a concern to the TAMT.

Anonymous Reporting Options:

To report a non-emergency concern or complaint anonymously, you can either call the TIPS hotline at 315.443.TIPS or report digitally through Silent Witness (Ethics Point), a third-party service which directs your report anonymously to the Department of Public Safety.