Talk to the Chief

DPS Invites Students to Have Lunch with the Chiefportrait of Chief Maldonado, a middle-aged man in a suite with brown skin and glasses

DPS Chief Bobby Maldonado will meet with any member of the student body over lunch – his treat.

The catch is that students wishing to dine with the chief must have one suggestion for how they think DPS can enhance its services. The suggestions can relate to any facet of the Public Safety department – student outreach, crime prevention initiatives, community policing – or bring something completely new to the table.

If you’d like to schedule a time for lunch, e-mail Commander, Administrative and Operational Support, James A. McLellan II, at, and include your name, SUID number, phone number, and three days/times that you are free for lunch. You will be contacted by James to confirm the time of your meeting with Chief Maldonado.