For Students

Syracuse University is committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment. Below is an overview of University response to incidents as well as guidelines you can follow to prepare for an emergency yourself.

  1. Prepare:
    1. Whether you stay put or evacuate, you should have some basic supplies on hand, ready to sustain you in an emergency.
    2. Emergencies, such as storms, floods, and fires, can shut down shops or interrupt utilities for an undetermined amount of time. You could be stranded in a dorm room, your car, or office, needing to survive on whatever you happen to have. ATMs and vending machines may not work, and food services may run short of supplies. A simple, well-maintained kit can help transform a potentially dangerous or miserable incident into a more manageable experience.
    3. Build emergency kits:
      1. Kit for your Car
      2. Kit for your Dorm
      3. Kits for your Work
      4. First Aid Kits
  2. Respond:
    1. Whenever a significant incident occurs on campus, the DPS Police officers who report to the scene are trained to take appropriate actions. Based on the seriousness of the situation, the administrator may alert the Emergency Team, whose members have created a comprehensive set of emergency response procedures to deal with crisis situations.
    2. Stay informed in during an Emergency
      1. Messages will be distributed through, campus-wide broadcast e-mail, cell phone text messaging and social media.
      2. Please be sure to update your contact information in My Slice for Orange Alert emergency notification. Your cell phone number will not be used for any other purpose than emergency notification.
      3. Be sure to develop a Communications Plan for family and friends and let them know your status during an emergency.
  3. Stay Informed:
    1. Orange Alert
    2. Download the Orange Safe app
    3. Follow us Twitter/Facebook/Instagram