Alerts and Timely Warnings

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act mandates that schools issue timely warnings about crimes detailed by the Clery Act, which pose a serious or ongoing threat to students and employees.

The warnings must be disseminated in a manner likely to reach all members of the campus community.

The Department of Public Safety emails timely warnings in the form of Public Safety Notices, Public Safety Updates, and Public Safety Information bulletins to all current students and employees. Timely warnings are posted on the DPS website, printed for posting in residence halls and other campus buildings, and added to the Department’s social media feeds, including Facebook and Twitter.

You can view this calendar year’s timely warnings here. There is also an archive available of timely warnings sent over the past six years.

The Act further requires schools to devise an emergency response, notification, and testing policy.

The DPS has addressed this requirement with ORANGE ALERT, detailed on the Division of Campus Safety and Emergency Services website and also within the Annual Security Report. Fire report data must also be included in an annual report, which is part of the Annual Security Report document and published by Fire and Life Safety Services. You can also find detailed policies and procedures regarding reports of missing students within the ASR.