Emergency Management

The Department of Public Safety is also home to the University’s Emergency Management Department.

Emergency management ensures that students, faculty, staff and facilities across the University are prepared for emergency situations, including such scenarios as power outages, water main disruptions, severe weather events, pandemic illnesses and other natural or industrial disasters.

The Emergency Manager plans the University response to such situations and coordinates a cooperative effort of departments and resources across campus (and in the greater Syracuse area) to react efficiently and appropriately should such a situation develop.

To this end, the Emergency Manager facilitates annual training exercises involving the DPS and other local law enforcement and emergency response agencies. The Manager further develops and delivers training on a smaller scale to students and individual departments which could either have a hand in responding or play a key role in permitting other departments to do so.

For questions or comments, please contact the Director of Emergency Management and Business Continuity, William Karnadi at wkarnadi@syr.edu.