Daily Incident and Crime Log

The Department of Public Safety provides the following information as required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act [20 USC 1092(f)] for incidents occurring in the past 60 days.

  • Disposition of Case (Open, Closed, Referred, etc.)
  • Case Number
  • Nature of Incident (explanation of abbreviations listed below)
  • Case Offense, if applicable
  • Related Offenses, if applicable
  • Date-Time Reported
  • Date-Time Occurred
  • General Location

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Nature of Incident Abbreviation Explanations

ABC: ABC Violation

ABDT: Abduction, Kidnapping

AIRC: Aviation Complaint

AIRE: Aircraft Emergency/Crash

ALRB: Alarm – Burglary

ALRM: Alarm – All Other

ALRP: Alarm – Call for Police

ALRR: Alarm – Robbery

AMBU: Ambulance Call

ANML: Animal Complaint

ARSN: Arson

ASLT: Assault

ASTC: Assist a Citizen (non­criminal)

ASTO: Assist Other (non-police agency)

ASTP: Assist Police Agency

BCAL: Building Collapse

BCHK: Bad Check

BDOG: Barking Dog

BIO: Biological Call

BOAT: Boat (Distress, Speeding, etc.)

BOMB: Bomb Threat or Explosive Device

BURG: Burglary

CALL: Call for the Police (unknown nature)

CEXP: Child Exploitation

CHLD: Child Abuse, Abandoned, Left Alone, Etc.

CIVC: Civilian Complaint Against Police

CIVL: Civil Process

CMIS: Criminal Mischief

COP: Community Oriented Policing

DEMO: Demonstration (Protest)

DETL: Detail

DISP: Dispute (Civil disagreement)

DIST: Disturbance

DOA: Dead Body

DOMI: Domestic – Injury

DOMP: Domestic – Physical

DOMV: Domestic – Verbal

DOMW: Domestic – Weapon

DOWN: Person Down (unknown reason)

DRUG: Drug Complaint

DRWN: Drowning

DWI: Driving While Intoxicated

ELEV: Elevator Problem

ESCA: Escape from Custody

ESCT: Escort

EXPL: Explosion

FGHT: Fight

FIRE: Fire

FLUP: Follow-up

FORG: Forgery

FRAD: Fraud

FUME: Fume (odor)

FWAR: Follow-up Warrant

FINKS: Fireworks Complaint

GAMB: Gambling

GAP: Gun Amnesty Program

GRAF: Graffiti

HARR: Harassment

HAZD: Hazardous Condition

HELP: Officer Needs Assistance

HOMI: Homicide

HUNT: Hunting/Hunter Complaint

IDEN: Identity Theft

INDA: Industrial Accident

INFO: Information

INTX: Intoxicated Person

IOD: Injury on Duty

JUVS: Juvenile Problem

LARC: Larceny

LEWD: Lewdness

LIFE: Project Life Saver

LOCK: Lockout Residence or Automobile

LOCL: Local Law Violation

LOCO: Train Derailment/Accident

LOIT: Loitering

LOUD: Noise Complaint

MAIL: Mail-in Complaint

MEDV: Medivac/Helicopter (OCSO)

MEGL: Megan’s Law

MENA: Menacing

MENT: Possible Person in Crisis

MISC: Miscellaneous Complaint

MISP: Missing Person

MVCB: Motor Vehicle Collision – Bus

MVCC: Motor Vehicle Collision – Injuries Structure

MVCD: Motor Vehicle Collision – Damage

MVCH: Motor Vehicle Collision – Left Scene/Injuries

MVCI: Motor Vehicle Collision – Injuries

MVCL: Motor Vehicle Collision – Left Scene

MVCP: Motor Vehicle Collision with Possible Injuries

MVCS: Motor Vehicle Collision – Structure Involved

NOTI: Notification

OPEN: Open Door/Window

OVRD: Overdose (accidental overdose)

PCHK: Property Check

PDAM: Property Damage

PFCK: Public Facility Property Check

PINJ: Personal Injury

POI: Point of Information

PROP: Property Lost/Found

PROS: Prostitution

PROW: Prowler

RAPE: Rape

REND: Reckless Endangerment

ROBB: Robbery

SHOT: Shots Fired

SNOW: Snow Complaint

SRST: School Related Shooting Threat

STAB: Stabbing

STAT: Status Check

STOP: Traffic Stop

SUIC: Suicide

SUMM: Summons

SUSI: Suspicious Incident

SUSP: Suspicious Person

SUSV: Suspicious Vehicle

SUSW: Suspicious Person with a Weapon

SXOF: Sex Offense

TRAF: Traffic Problem

TRAN: Transport

TRES: Trespass

VEHA: Abandoned Vehicle

VEHD: Disabled Vehicle

VEHL: Located Stolen Vehicle

VEHP: Parking Complaint

VEHR: Repossessed Vehicle

VEHS: Stolen Vehicle

VEHT: Towed Vehicle

WARP: Warrant Processed

WARR: Warrant Served

WIRE: Wires Down

WMD: Weapons of Mass Destruction

WIRP: Water Problem

XING: School Crossing