Bias Incident Reports

Hate speech and other bias-related incidents will be posted to this page within 48 hours. However, to prevent jeopardizing active investigations, there may be instances where it takes longer than 48 hours to post. In addition, the incidents posted to this webpage are from reports made directly to the Department of Public Safety. Reports made via the STOP Bias website will only be referred to the Department of Public Safety if the reporter chooses or if the nature of the incident requires DPS involvement.

This page will be your trusted source of accurate and reliable information as it relates to bias incidents.

Most Recent Bias Incident Report:

DPS Investigation Determines Antisemitic Language Discovered in Bird Library Book was Likely Written Many Years Ago 

    On Tuesday, December 5, a Syracuse University employee reported a student’s discovery of antisemitic language written in a book from Bird Library. Following a prompt review by DPS and library staff, it was determined that prior to the recent check out, the book had not been checked out since 2010. Based on this and the worn nature of the writing, it is likely the book has contained this content for over a decade, but went undiscovered. Bird Library staff has sent the book to have the page containing the language removed and repaired.

    The concerning language was originally discovered by a student who notified library staff when returning the book. Upon receiving this report, DPS officers met with the employee to gather additional information and establish a timeline of when the language may have been written in the book.

    “Given the current climate, it is imperative for us to swiftly investigate all reports of potentially hateful conduct,” says Craig Stone, DPS chief and associate vice president. “Even though the antisemitic writing is likely many years old, it requires the same response as if it was done recently. I am thankful for the reporting party coming forward and for the quick removal and restoration efforts of our Bird Library staff.”

    Anonymous tips can be reported to DPS through the Silent Witness tool or the Orange Safe mobile app. To report a bias incident or to receive support, visit the Stop Bias website or call 315.443.3514 or email

    Additionally, if you or someone you know has been affected by a bias incident, resources are available.

    Past Bias Incident Reports:

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