Contact Law Enforcement

Chief of Public Safety Robert Maldonado 315.443.8736
Associate Chief, Law Enforcement and Community Policing Division John Sardino 315.443.5479
Detective, Special Investigations and Confidential Support James A. McLellan II 315.443.1746
Training/Recruitment, Staff Development, Accreditation First Sergeant Robert Bleyle 315.443.4595
Detective, Accreditation Christopher Wood 315.443.2481
Campus Safety and Law Enforcement Support Operations
Commander Andrew Mrozienski 315.443.4599
Quartermaster/Fleet and Equipment First Sergeant Stephen Karpinko 315.443.3556
Manager of Records, Logistics and Property Amy Francemone 315.443.3127
Property and Evidence Custody Officer Keith Schauer 315.443.3909
Communications Center Manager Jim Santoferrara 315.443.0150
Communications Center Coordinators Shannon Day
Shannon Donohue
Linda Koser-Martin
Mateo Tarrats
Jim Keefe
Officer/Training Coordinator Dan Lebron 315.443.8746
Officer/Training Coordinator Michael Patsos 315.443.8778
Law Enforcement and Community Policing Division, Patrol Operations
Day Patrol Operations and Events Commander Kathy Pabis 315.443.5735
Night Patrol Operations Commander Vernon Thompson 315.443.3890
Shift A Sergeants (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.) Mike Hartnett, John Stephens, Adam Wheeler, Jon Lebaron 315.443.2520
Shift B Sergeants (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Sean Corcoran, Timothy Salanger, Keith DiBello 315.443.2520
Events Patrol Sergeant Andrew Clary 315.443.8988