Contact Law Enforcement

Chief of Public Safety Robert Maldonado 315.443.8736
Associate Chief, Law Enforcement and Community Policing Division John Sardino 315.443.5479
Detective, Special Investigations and Confidential Support
Training/Recruitment, Staff Development, Accreditation
Training/Recruitment, Staff Development, Accreditation First Sergeant Robert Bleyle 315.443.4595
Detective, Accreditation Christopher Wood 315.443.2481
Officer/Training Coordinator Michael Patsos 315.443.8778
Officer/Training Coordinator Dan Lebron 315.443.8746
Administrative and Operational Support
Administrative and Operational Support Commander James A. McLellan II 315.443.1746
Quartermaster/Fleet and Equipment 315.443.3556
Manager of Records, Logistics and Property Amy Francemone 315.443.3127
Property and Evidence Custody Officer Keith Schauer 315.443.3909
Emergency Management/Business Continuity/Emergency Communications
Director Joseph Hernon 315.443.0315
Communications Center Manager Phillip Cady 315.443.0150
Communications Center Coordinators Shannon Day
Gregory Indick
Linda Koser-Martin
Mateo Tarrats
Law Enforcement and Community Policing Division, Patrol Operations
Patrol Commander Kathy Pabis 315.443.5735
Shift A Sergeants (9 p.m. to 7 a.m.) John Stephens & Jon Lebaron 315.443.2520
Shift B Sergeants (7 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Sean Corcoran & Keith DiBello 315.443.2520
Shift C Sergeants (5 p.m. to 3 a.m.) Timothy Salanger 315.443.2520
Special Events and Community Policing Services
Lieutenant, Special Events and Community Policing Services Andrew Clary 315.443.8988
Crime Prevention Coordinator CJ McCurty 315.443.1110