Student Housing Fire Log

Date ReportedFire Date and TimeBuildingLocationCause CategoryFire Cause
1/19/20141/12/2014, 3:00 pm460 Winding Ridge
Apartment 10
Kitchen OvenUnintentionalCooking - grease fire in oven
1/24/20141/24/2014, 11:50 pm University Village
413 Small Road
Apartment 511D
BathroomUnintentionalSmoking - improperly discarded cigarette
8/24/20148/24/2014, 6:50 pm211 Slocum Heights Drive
Apartment #4
Kitchen OvenUnintentionalResidents stored an oven mit in the broiler of the oven. When they turned on the stove, the oven mit caught fire.
10/16/201410/16/2014, 10:00 pm210 Small Road
Apartment #4
Kitchen OvenUnintentionalResidents tried to dry their towels in the oven resulting in a fire.
12/12/201412/12/2014, 11:05 pmShaw Hall, Room 539Trash RoomUnintentionalSmoking - improperly discarded cigarette
3/26/20153/26/2015, 7:55 pmSadler Hall,
1000 Irving Ave
Dining Center, Kitchen GrillUnintentionalGrease and other debris left on the grill after cooking steaks caught fire while the grill was being cleaned.
4/27/20154/27/2015, 11:05 pmBooth Hall
505 Comstock Avenue
Trash Room 321IntentionalA student threw a lit piece of paper in the trash can, which smoldered slightly and set off the fire alarm.
5/6/20155/6/2015, 10:43 amFlint Hall
100 Mount Olympus Drive
Dryer Vent Vault, east side of the buildingUnintentionalTwo Physical Plant employees were welding a metal grate of a vault that contained dry leaves and lint. The sparks from the welding caught the leaves and lint on fire.
4/25/20164/25/16, 8:15 pmBrewster HallRoom 204UnintentionalStudent in room left a candle unattended in her room which caught a sweater on fire.
8/23/20168/23/16, 9:45pm301 Slocum Heights Apartment #8Concrete Patio in front of Apartment #8UndeterminedStudents in Apartment #8 left their garbage out on the patio. A short time later they were informed by a passing student that their garbage was on fire. The cause was unknown.
10/14/201610/14/16, 12:10 pmErnie Davis Hall, 619 Comstock Ave.In the Dining HallAccidentalAn employee was working at a food station that included a stove. While reaching over a burner on the stove to serve food, the employee came in contact with the flame and caught her clothes on fire.
10/25/201610/25/16, 2:27pm
Day Hall
Exterior Door of Room 317
An unknown person lit several different pieces of design paper that were attached to the exterior door on fire. The fire caused damage to the door but no damage to the interior of the room.
12/10/201612/10/16, 9:01 pm361 Slocum Heights, Apartment #7In Bedroom #1AccidentalA fire started in a small trash can between the bed and dresser that was caused by the careless disposal of an undetermined smoking material.
5/7/20175/7/17, 3:50 amShaw HallRoom 001IntentionalStudents in room were intentionally lighting a cardboard gum container on fire.
9/28/20179/28/17, 6:40 pm206 Walnut PlaceBack EntranceUnintentionalA chef working in the kitchen was smoking on his break and left a lit cigarette on a wooden overhang support which caught on fire.
10/1/201710/1/17, 2:53 pm101 Farm Acre Road, Apt. #5On Stove in KitchenUnintentionalStudents were cooking with oil and the oil became too hot and caught on fire.
2/24/20182/24/18, 12:25 am155 Small Road,
Apt. #4
On Stove in KitchenUnintentionalStudent was cooking with oil when it became too hot and caught on fire.
3/25/20183/25/18, 6:31 amWatson HallIn Trash Room 405BUnintentionalSmoking-Improperly discarded smoking materials.
3/27/20183/27/18, 9:20 pm570 Slocum Heights, Apt. #4Light Fixture in Hallway in front of the BathroomUnintentionalElectrical - the Light Ballast Melted and Caught on Fire
12/9/201812/9/18, 6:20 pmSadler HallDining Hall KitchenUnintentionalGas Hose Connection came Loose on a Kitchen Appliance Causing a Minor Fire
8/2/20198/2/19, 8:06 amDay HallBasement WorkshopUnintentionalPhysical Plant employee was using a flammable lubricant aerosol spray. The spray caught fire because of static electricity
2/24/20202/24/20, 10:45 pm230 Small Road, Apt. #2KitchenUnintentionalOven fire while cooking
3/29/213/29/21, 9:09 pm260 Small Road, Apt. #8In Bedroom #1UnintentionalAppliance fire - Blender caught on fire
4/15/214/15/21, 5:41 pm320 Chinook Drive, Apt. #6KitchenUnintentionalStudents were cooking with grease which caught on fire on their stove.
10/16/2110/16/21, 12:50 pmSadler HallIn Student Room 826UnintentionalElectrical fire - A power strip got wet and shorted out causing a small electrical fire.
11/22/2111/22/21, 9:50 pm145 Small Road, Apt. #5KitchenAccidentalOven fire - An empty pizza box was left in the oven.
1/22/221/22/22, 3:11 pmThe MarshallIn Student Room 710UnintentionalStove fire.
3/29/223/29/22, 8:32 pm121 Winding Ridge, Apt. #4In Living RoomElectricalElectrical malfunction.