For Faculty and Staff

Syracuse University is committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment. This page offers an overview of University response to incidents as well as guidelines to follow to be prepare for an emergency. The University has established comprehensive guidance for incident planning, response, and recovery at Syracuse University. As Faculty and Staff, you play an important role in the implementation and effectiveness of this guidance on our campus.

Faculty and Staff Should:

  • Be familiar with your department’s emergency plans as well as continuity of operation plans.
  • Provide classes with general information relating to incident procedures at the start of each semester when reviewing course syllabus (see document Classroom Emergency Preparedness and Response Information).
  • Know how to report an incident from the classroom(s) you use.
  • Take charge of the students in your classroom and follow appropriate procedures for all building alarms and incident alerts.
  • Ensure that students with disabilities or special needs have the information or assistance they may require during an incident.

Preparedness Information:

Stay Informed! University Officials will send information via: