Traveling for Spring Break

Before you leave:

  • Check the Department of State’s travel advisories and warnings before you choose your destination.
  • Research and know the local laws.
  • Pack your health insurance card!
  • Plan to travel with friends. It’s best to travel in groups of three or more.
  • Discuss your plans and itenerary with your roommates and your family.
  • Discuss plans, itineraries and activities with your travel mates.
  • Look into the services provided by International SOS
  • Make sure you have sufficient lighting around all of your doors, especially those not visible from the street. Buy a motion-sensitive light or a timer that automatically turns on exterior lights at a predetermined time.

Tips for International Travel:

  • Keep the number for SU Public Safety 24/7 Assistance: (011-1-)315-443-2224
  • Learn the local area’s emergency response call number (e.g. 911 in the US)
  • Check your destination’s U.S. Embassy Web site for posted warnings and research your destination
  • Sign your passport and complete the emergency information page
  • Copy your passport twice using a copy machine. Stash one copy in your suitcase, and leave the other with your roommates or your family at home.
  • Research and know local laws
  • Know the general perceptions of Americans in the area
  • Research and know legitimate local transportation procedures
  • Copy traveler’s checks or pre-loaded VISA/AMX gift type cards. Avoid using ATMs.
  • Consider renting an international cellular phone instead of using your own phone. US-based “smart phones” are often hacked for bank and other personal information if lost abroad.
  • Other international travel safety contact numbers:
    • National Crime Victim Center: (011-1-) 800-FYI-CALL
    • Overseas U.S. Citizen Services: (011-1-) 888-407-4747
    • Sexual Assault Hotline: (011-1-) 800-656-HOPE
    • U.S. Victim Assistance: (011-1-) 800-TRY-NOVA

When you leave for breaks:

  • Always, always, ALWAYS lock your door. Before leaving for break, double- and triple-check your doors and windows. Place a wooden or metal bar in the track of sliding doors.
  • Don’t hide spare keys outside.
  • Keep your valuables out of sight. Don’t leave a game console or laptop lying around in full view of the windows or doors.
  • Make sure all of your windows are secure and have curtains on them.
  • If your neighbor is staying in the area while you’re away, arrange to have them watch over the house from time to time.

When you’re on vacation:

  • Never leave a friend with a stranger or group of people you don’t know.
  • Follow the local laws you brushed up on before leaving home.
  • Carry your health insurance card with you.
  • Avoid using ATM’s whenever possible
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash with you.
  • NEVER leave your valuables unattended, even at the beach. Use lockers if available!
  • Always travel in groups of three or more, and don’t let members of your group go off alone.

Orange Alert Test

Syracuse University will conduct a test of the Orange Alert Campus Crisis Alert Notification System on Friday, Feb. 16, at 9 a.m. It will be a full test of the personal e-mail, text message, cell voice and campus phone components of the system. The test will also include the Orange Alert outdoor siren system on SU’s North and South campuses. As a further refinement of the system, the Orange Alert test message will also be sent to the main SU Facebook and Twitter accounts, and will display on the University’s homepage and video monitors located in common areas in several buildings around campus.

The Orange Alert message will be sent to all SU students, faculty and staff, SUNY-ESF students and to SUNY-ESF faculty and staff who have signed up. Orange Alert will send a notice to all devices that are registered on the system. The sirens will be activated for a single 10-second blast at 9 a.m.

In order to review and/or modify your Orange Alert contact information, go to MySlice. Login using your personal NetID and password. Refer to the “ORANGE ALERT” link. Then review/modify your information and save any changes. For changes to be in effect for the Feb. 16 test, they must be completed by noon on Feb. 15.

For additional information on the ORANGE ALERT system, visit

Questions? Contact

Public Safety Update: Reported Robberies

On Sunday, January 28, 2018, two Syracuse University students and an ESF student reported being approached by two mask-wearing males. The three separate incidents reported occurred in the 100 block of Ostrom Avenue, the 300 block of Roosevelt Avenue, and the 300 block of Meadowbrook Drive, respectively.

At approximately 7:10 p.m., the suspects reportedly stole a student’s wallet, its contents and cash in the 100 block of Ostrom Avenue. At approximately 8:10 p.m., the suspects attempted to steal property from an ESF student in the 300 block of Roosevelt Avenue. No property was stolen. At approximately 8:20 p.m., the suspects reportedly stole a student’s iPhone in the 300 block of Meadowbrook Drive before returning to their vehicle. The vehicle then fled the scene in an unknown direction. No injuries were reported by the three students.

If you were in the vicinity at the time of these incidents, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) asks for your help in identifying the suspects. Suspect #1 is described as male, 5’10”, medium build, in his 20’s, last seen wearing a dark jacket, dark jeans, dark colored ski mask. Suspect #2 is described as a male, 6’2”, heavy set, longer hair, in his 20’s, last seen wearing a red or brown colored jacket, brown cargo pants, dark colored ski mask and in possession of a silver handgun. The vehicle was a grey or silver colored SUV. Last direction of travel from the 300 block of Meadowbrook Drive is unknown at this time.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident or others, please contact the Syracuse Police Department at 315.442.5222 or the Syracuse University Department of Public Safety at 315.443.2224. If you would like to anonymously report NON-EMERGENCY information for DPS, you can use the Silent Witness tool.

Keep yourself safe by reviewing these suggested safety strategies.

This public safety information is issued for your safety in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act.

Public Safety Notice: Robbery

On Sunday, January 28th, 2018 between approximately 8:00 p.m. to 8:20 pm, DPS received reports of two additional robberies that occurred at the 300 block of Roosevelt Avenue and Buckingham Avenue and Meadowbrook Drive. The Syracuse Police Department, the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Public Safety are on the scene and investigating these incidents. We ask that you stay away from these areas and indoors if possible, at this time. Please call DPS at 315.443.2224, should you have information regarding these incidents. More information to follow.

On Sunday, January 28th, 2018 at approximately 7:10 p.m., DPS received a report of a robbery that occurred at the 100 block of Ostrom Ave. The Syracuse Police Department and the Department of Public Safety are on the scene and investigating this incident. We ask that you stay away from the area, at this time and that you call DPS at 315.443.2224, should you have information regarding this incident. More information to follow.

De-Stress with DPS

You still have two more chances to join DPS and the Office of Health Promotions for De-stress During Those Dog Days of Finals! Take a break from studying to come enjoy FREE snacks and a chance to pet therapy dogs from The GO Team Therapy Dogs Syracuse.

You’ll be able to find us on the first floor of Bird Library tonight and tomorrow night from 9 to 11 p.m. We’ll have a quick survey available so you can tell us how you feel about our services and safety on campus.

We’ll also have some advice for relieving stress and plenty of encouragement for the final academic push of the semester!

Watch the latest Cuse Cast to check out the event from Sunday night!

Important Message from DPS Chief Bobby Maldonado

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

Syracuse University’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) takes the safety and security of our campus community very seriously. As part of our continuous efforts to educate the campus community on crime prevention and emergency preparedness, we encourage you to review our ‘Run. Hide. Fight.’ video.

The ‘Run. Hide. Fight.’ model is considered a best practice in crisis response, particularly in the event of an active shooter situation. Many organizations, including Syracuse University, subscribe to this model in response to any immediate threat.

Please take take a moment to familiarize yourself with the ‘Run. Hide. Fight.’ model:

• Have an escape route and plan in mind.
• Leave your belongings behind.
• Keep your hands visible.
• Call DPS or 911 or use the LiveSafe App when you are in a safer place.

• If you can’t escape, hide in an area out of the shooter’s view, and behind something solid if possible.
• Block entry to your hiding place and lock the doors.
• Silence your cell phone and other devices.

• Fighting is a last resort to be used only when your life is in imminent danger.
• Attempt to incapacitate the active shooter.
• Find an object to use as a weapon, such as a fire extinguisher or chair.
• Work as a team with someone else if possible.

If you have any questions, DPS is here to assist. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or another member of the DPS team.


Chief Bobby Maldonado
Department of Public Safety

2017 Annual Security Report Now Available

The 2017 version of Your Safety and Security at Syracuse University is now available on our website. This report documents the past three calendar years’ information about select campus crimes, including statistics, and detail the school’s security policies and procedures.

What is Orange Alert?

Orange Alert is Syracuse University’s crisis notification system. Watch this short video to learn more.

For more information, including frequently asked questions, visit the Orange Alert page on our website.

R.A.D. Classes Available This Spring

Join the Department of Public Safety for a women-only self-defense course. The Spring 2018 Friday session dates include February 2, 9, 16, & 23 (6-9 p.m.). All classes will be held at Bird Library in room 550.

Attendance is required for all four sessions! Please make sure you can attend all of the sessions and then contact CJ McCurty to register at 315.480.5467 or to register.




Public Safety Update: Incident

On Friday, December 15th, 2017, at approximately 10:45 a.m., the Department of Public Safety Department (DPS) and the Syracuse Police Department (SPD) responded to 720 University Avenue, the United States Post Office at Marshall Square Mall, in regards to a suspicious package call. The package was located outside of the Post Office and employees believed that it may have contained something dangerous.

The area was evacuated as a precautionary measure while the incident was investigated.

The SPD Bomb Squad and K-9 Units responded to the scene to assist in the investigation. The package was later determined to contain a compact style refrigerator, and was not a threat to the community.

United States Postal Investigators and the ATF assisted in this investigation.

The Marshall Square Mall has resumed normal operations at this time.

Public Safety Notice: Incident

On Friday, December 15, 2017, at approximately 10:45 a.m., DPS and Syracuse Police Department are investigating an incident at Marshall Square Mall. The Mall is closed. Please stay away from the area until further notice. More information to follow.

Message from DPS Chief Bobby Maldonado

Dear Syracuse University Families:

Over the last few days, I have talked with many of you about the safety of the University community in light of a handful of recent incidents near campus.

I write today to assure you that the Department of Public Safety (DPS), in close partnership with the Syracuse Police Department (SPD), is working vigorously to maintain a safe campus community.

Our chief priority is and will always be the safety of our students, faculty and staff. As such, DPS will continue to do the following:

  • Orange Watch patrols, which focus on expanded DPS presence in key areas on North and South campuses and in the neighborhoods north and east of campus, will continue through the semester break.
  • The University Area Crime-control Team (UACT) patrols, which is staffed jointly by DPS and SPD and patrols in the immediate off-campus and fraternity/sorority neighborhoods focused on robbery and burglary suppression, will continue through Sunday, Dec. 17, with concentration on the areas impacted by the recent rash of incidents.
  • Campus patrols will spend more time patrolling the fringe of campus in an effort to prevent these crimes.
  • DPS/SPD investigators are working collaboratively to solve the recent crimes by reviewing security video footage and conducting interviews.

In addition, we are constantly evaluating our practices to ensure that we are responsive to the safety concerns of our campus and surrounding neighborhoods.

The University also uses the following advanced technology:

  • More than 1,200 cameras are in strategic on-campus and near-campus locations. This is in addition to the cameras the SPD owns and operates to monitor the surrounding neighborhoods where our students live.
  • Two new outdoor sirens have been installed on Main Campus, in addition to the two that already exist on South Campus and Main Campus.
  • We also have more than 140 blue light emergency call boxes around campus.
  • In the event of an emergency, we activate our Orange Alert system. This campuswide notification tool allows us to communicate directly with the community in real time to alert them of an active threat to our campus. It also enables us to communicate any action we recommend our community members take.

There are also a number of services available to our students to help keep them and make them feel safe. Students can call for a safety escort (315.443.SAFE) and sign up for the LiveSafe App on their smartphone, which acts as a mobile blue light, allowing them to contact the DPS Emergency Communications Center with the touch of a button and transmit their physical location during the call.

As chief of the Department of Public Safety and the father of a current Syracuse University student, please know that I am a resource for you and your student. Please feel free to contact me at 315.443.2224.


Bobby Maldonado

Chief, Department of Public Safety