DPS Jurisdiction

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) members may exercise law enforcement authority only while actually on duty and only while acting within the scope of the employment with DPS and only within the Syracuse Campus proper and any other properties owned, controlled, or administrated by the University, as well as the streets and sidewalks adjacent to and connecting such properties. The geographical area is as described below. Anywhere DPS has jurisdiction inside the City of Syracuse, the Syracuse City Police Department also has jurisdiction. DPS is authorized to assist any law enforcement agency requesting assistance within Onondaga County. Outside the areas of DPS jurisdiction, DPS Officers can make arrests for felonies in their presence.

Main Campus: The area immediately bordering the Syracuse University campus and further described as follows: Starting at Comstock Avenue and proceeding to East Adams Street to Walnut Avenue to Harrison Avenue to South Crouse Avenue to East Genesee Street to Irving Avenue to East Adams Street to Almond Street to East Taylor Street to Oakwood Avenue to Burt Street to Almond Street to Van Buren Street to Renwick Avenue to Fineview Place to Oakland Street to Stadium Place to East Raynor Street to East Colvin Street to Comstock avenue to Jamesville Avenue to Ainsley Driver to Jamesville Avenue to Nottingham Road to East Colvin Street to Westmoreland Avenue to Broad Street to Meadowbrook Drive to Buckingham Avenue to East Colvin Street to Lancaster Avenue to York Street to Haffenden Road to Hertford Street to Broad Street to Comstock Avenue to Euclid Avenue to Ostrom Avenue to East Adams Street. The 100, 200, 300, and 400 blocks of Euclid Avenue up to Lyons Hall. Toad Hall at 302 Marshall Street is not included in the DPS jurisdiction.

South Campus and Drumlins: Starting at the 1000 block of Comstock south to Colvin Street East to Skytop Road. The entirety of South Campus including Hookway Fields ending at the east end of University Village on Colvin Street. Includes all of Drumlins Banquet and Country Club on Nottingham Road. All of South Campus from Skytop Road to Jamesville Road on the South including Hawkins Warehouse, the South Campus Library Storage Facility extending along Jamesville Road to the buildings and parking lots at Syracuse University Facility and Auxiliary Services (1320 Jamesville Road, 1330 Jamesville Road, 201 Ainsley Drive, and 285 Ainsley Drive).

Other University Properties: The Cantor Warehouse at 350 West Fayette Street; The Center of Excellence at 727 East Washington Street; The properties and parking lots on East Genesee Street including the Community Folk Art Center, Syracuse Stage, and Phoebe’s Restaurant ; La Casita Cultural Center at 109 Otisco Street; Peck Hall at 601 East Genesee Street; The South Side Innovation Center at 2610 South Salina Street; The South Side Communication Center at 2331 South Salina Street; and the Ten Eyck Memorial Boathouse on Long Branch Road.