Employee of the Month

December Employee of the Month.

December 2023 Winner: Community Service Officer (CSO) Jennifer Dunn

CSO Jennifer Dunn has been selected as our December 2023 Employee of the Month!

While conducting a property check of Smith Hall, CSO Dunn observed an individual enter the building through a basement window on the South side. The Emergency Communications Center (ECC) staff subsequently completed a check of Syracuse University CCTV and advised DPS officers that an individual matching the description of the suspect from Smith Hall had entered Huntington Hall. Officers Payne, Gabriel and Smith were able to respond, locate and identify the individual on the first floor of Huntington Hall.

The ECC advised the group of officers that the suspect did have an active trespass warning that was issued earlier in the year. CSO Dunn arrived at the scene and was able to verify that the suspect was the same individual she observed entering Smith Hall. CSO Dunn displayed initiative and dedication as she proactively patrolled the campus, conducted property checks and identified a threat to the safety and security of the University. CSO Dunn’s description and eventual identification of the suspect ensured that a criminal was removed from the campus community.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Past Winners

  • January: Officers Kara Salce and Chuck Fiesinger
  • February: Officer Aidan Welling and Communications Center Coordinator Ben Rinaldi III
  • March: Officer Nadia Diaz, Quartermaster Joe Dishaw and Detective Mike Toia
  • April: CSO Martha Farmer and Officer Greg Scheurer
  • May: Office Coordinator Tracy Poushter
  • June: Officer John Mazurowski
  • July: Officer Jessica Mehlek
  • August: Officer Liztazia Ramirez-Stephens
  • September: Scott Manchin and Officers Michael Gabriell, John Romano and Jessica Zaccari
  • October: Sergeant Tim Salanger and Officer Fred Antinarella
  • November: CSOC Brenda Scheurer, Officer John Mazurowski, Officer Brad Pearson, Officer Jeffrey Mertell and Courtney Albiker of the Video Access Security Technology Team (VASTT)
  • December: CSO Jennifer Dunn

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