Employee of the Month

April 2024 Winners: Officer John Mazurowski

Officer John Mazurowski has been selected as our April 2024 Employee of the Month!

On April 28, Officer Mazurowski responded to a call for assistance from a non-affiliate whose wheelchair was stuck at the corner of South Crouse and Adams Street. Despite the individual being off campus and the onset of rain, Officer Mazurowski diligently searched for and found the person in need.

Upon responding, he discovered that the wheelchair was broken. He contacted the manufacturer for repair advice and fixed the wheelchair himself. However, he then found that the wheelchair’s battery was depleted. Demonstrating exceptional dedication, Officer Mazurowski manually pushed the individual up a hill to a nearby hospital where the wheelchair could be charged.

Throughout the ordeal, he displayed outstanding commitment and kindness, significantly exceeding his duties to ensure the individual’s safety and well-being.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Past Winners

  • January: Assistant Manager Brian O’Hara and Officer Simon Stikkel
  • February: Officer in Charge (OIC) Eugenio Alvarez, Officer Montague Kreis and Systems Monitoring Specialist Miah Rafferty
  • March: Officer John Romano and Community Services Officer (CSO) Larry Whitlock
  • April: Officer John Mazurowski
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