East Genesee Street east to Lexington Ave;
Lexington Ave east to Westmoreland Ave;
Westmoreland Ave south to Colvin St;
Colvin St west to Comstock Avenue;
Comstock Ave south to Jamesville Ave;
Jamesville Ave south to Ainsley Drive;
Ainsley west to Brighton Ave;
Brighton Ave north to Thurber St;
Thurber St eastĀ to Jamesville Ave;
JamesvilleĀ Ave north to Colvin St;
Colvin St east to Hughes;
Hughes north to Robert;
Robert east/south to Colvin;
Colvin St east to Comstock Ave;
Comstock north to Euclid;
Euclid west to Sims Drive;
Sims Drive west/south to Forestry;
Forestry west to Raynor;
Raynor west to Stadium Pl;
Stadium Pl south to Oakland;
Oakland west to Fineview Pl;
Fineview Pl north to Raynor;
Raynor east to Henry St;
Henry St north to Van Buren;
Van Buren east to Irving;
Irving north to East Fayette;
East Fayette east to University Ave;
University Ave south to East Genesee.