A Guide to Affirmative Consent

When you’re looking for enthusiastic consent from your partner, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • A lack of a ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘yes.’
  • ‘No’ is not a challenge to overcome. When unsure of your partner’s response, ask.
  • Resorting to manipulation, “wearing down” your partner, or waiting until he or she stops saying ‘no’ is not enthusiastic consent.
  • Never have sex with someone whose freedom of judgement is impaired. A drunk person who is unconscious cannot actually consent to sex. If your partner is too drunk to consent, back off.
  • No matter how long you’ve been together, show respect for your partner. If you want to and he or she doesn’t, back off.
  • Flirting, dancing, kissing, an invitation back to a bedroom…none of those equals consent to sex. If your partner says no to sex and you don’t stop, that’s rape.

To learn more about what Syracuse University is doing to inform incoming students about New York State’s “Enough is Enough” legislation, please visit the Office of Health Promotion’s website.

You can view further information about the Sexual and Relationship Violence Response process at the Counseling Center website