Coin Ceremony for New Public Safety Officers

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, our six new Public Safety Officers took part in a coin ceremony during their respective roll calls as a way to officially welcome them to the department.

These officers recently completed 14 weeks of academy training followed by another 14 weeks of field Officer training.

Field Officer training pairs each Officer trainee with a seasoned Officer, giving them practical experience and hands on training.

Coin Ceremony 2017, pictured (left to right): Stephens, Kratz* & Thompson
Coin Ceremony 2017, pictured (left to right): Zarnowski*, Mrozienski, Bingham, & Mertz*
Coin Ceremony 2017, pictured (left to right): Hartnett, Lebaron, Mrozienski, Young*, MacMaster*, Franco*, & Chief Maldonado


*indicates challenge coin recipient