Internal Affairs/Professional Standards Investigations 2017

For the 2017 calendar year, the Department of Public Safety conducted a total of nine (9) internal investigations.

Five (5) involved sworn personnel.

Four (4) involved non-sworn personnel.

Of the nine (9) complaints investigated, 4 were sustained and 5 were unsubstantiated.

As a result of these complaints, three (3) sworn employees were disciplined;

  • One (1) received a letter of reprimand.
  • One (1) received a letter of reprimand and suspension.
  • One (1) received appropriate coaching.
  • Non-sworn IA investigation (1) resulted in a referral DCSES Administration and (1) received appropriate coaching.

Five (5) complaints were unsubstantiated.  However, during the course of the IA investigation, unrelated deficiencies were discovered in two (2) cases and appropriate coaching was completed.

Review of the IA investigations revealed no discernible trends in performance amongst sworn and non-sworn personnel.  Retraining has been completed at roll calls.  A plan to incorporate training during yearly In Service and at Firearm Qualifications has been prepared.  There were no other trends, policy, or training issues discovered.