Internal Affairs/Professional Standards Investigations 2018

During the 2018 calendar year, the Department of Public Safety conducted a total of eight (8) internal affair investigations (IAI).

Four (4) involved sworn personnel

Four (4) involved non-sworn personnel.

Of the eight (8) IAI’s, sx (6) were sustained and two (2) were unsubstantiated.

The outcomes of the six (6) sustained cases were as follows;

  • One (1) separation from SU
  • Two (2) received a letter of reprimand and suspension
  • One (1) non-sworn reprimand and last chance agreement
  • One (1) letter of reprimand
  • One (1) conversation form

The number of IAI in 2018 falls within the average number of cases per year. There were no trends, case similarity or overreaching training deficiencies discovered.