Traveling for Spring Break

Before you leave:

  • Check the Department of State’s travel advisories and warnings before you choose your destination.
  • Research and know the local laws.
  • Pack your health insurance card!
  • Plan to travel with friends. It’s best to travel in groups of three or more.
  • Discuss your plans and itenerary with your roommates and your family.
  • Discuss plans, itineraries and activities with your travel mates.
  • Look into the services provided by International SOS
  • Make sure you have sufficient lighting around all of your doors, especially those not visible from the street. Buy a motion-sensitive light or a timer that automatically turns on exterior lights at a predetermined time.

Tips for International Travel:

  • Keep the number for SU Public Safety 24/7 Assistance: (011-1-)315-443-2224
  • Learn the local area’s emergency response call number (e.g. 911 in the US)
  • Check your destination’s U.S. Embassy Web site for posted warnings and research your destination
  • Sign your passport and complete the emergency information page
  • Copy your passport twice using a copy machine. Stash one copy in your suitcase, and leave the other with your roommates or your family at home.
  • Research and know local laws
  • Know the general perceptions of Americans in the area
  • Research and know legitimate local transportation procedures
  • Copy traveler’s checks or pre-loaded VISA/AMX gift type cards. Avoid using ATMs.
  • Consider renting an international cellular phone instead of using your own phone. US-based “smart phones” are often hacked for bank and other personal information if lost abroad.
  • Other international travel safety contact numbers:
    • National Crime Victim Center: (011-1-) 800-FYI-CALL
    • Overseas U.S. Citizen Services: (011-1-) 888-407-4747
    • Sexual Assault Hotline: (011-1-) 800-656-HOPE
    • U.S. Victim Assistance: (011-1-) 800-TRY-NOVA

When you leave for breaks:

  • Always, always, ALWAYS lock your door. Before leaving for break, double- and triple-check your doors and windows. Place a wooden or metal bar in the track of sliding doors.
  • Don’t hide spare keys outside.
  • Keep your valuables out of sight. Don’t leave a game console or laptop lying around in full view of the windows or doors.
  • Make sure all of your windows are secure and have curtains on them.
  • If your neighbor is staying in the area while you’re away, arrange to have them watch over the house from time to time.

When you’re on vacation:

  • Never leave a friend with a stranger or group of people you don’t know.
  • Follow the local laws you brushed up on before leaving home.
  • Carry your health insurance card with you.
  • Avoid using ATM’s whenever possible
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash with you.
  • NEVER leave your valuables unattended, even at the beach. Use lockers if available!
  • Always travel in groups of three or more, and don’t let members of your group go off alone.