Officer Franklin Recognized

This morning, at the Center of Excellence, Community Services Officer Franklin was recognized for her actions as it related to a larceny investigation. She was presented with the following letter:

I would like to recognize you on your individual actions relative to a Larceny investigation that occurred on August 6, 2018 at 727 E. Washington Street, The Center of Excellence (COE).

As you arrived at work on this date, you noticed some of your personal belongings were missing from a desk you maintain in the lobby of the building. You took the initiative to check the CCTV cameras in and around the building. At 2:08 am, you were able to capture a person of interest pulling on the entrance doors eventually finding an open door. This person was then observed entering the building and rummaging through the desk, you operate during your tour of duty. The camera footage was saved and turned over to the responding DPS Patrol Officer who completed a report under case number 18-405106.

Officer Franklin being presented recognition letter by Detective Toia

The next evening on August 7, 2018 this same person of interest came back to the Center of Excellence (COE) and tried to gain entry, however this time she was denied. You once again took the initiative to check the CCTV cameras and two still photos were captured and forwarded to the DPS Investigations Section for further review.

As a result of your work, the photos were distributed to the different police agencies in Onondaga County through the Onondaga County Crime Analysis Unit. As a result, an identification was made by a member of the Syracuse Police Department Patrol Section and an arrest was made on the person captured in the photos you provided for Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree and Petit Larceny.

Your actions reflect your commitment to the Syracuse University Department of Public Safety and the University community and are characteristic of your individual and collective concern for the safety and security of all members of the community. You have done much to advance the Department of Public Safety’s reputation as a professional law enforcement entity. You have brought great credit upon yourself and the Syracuse University Department of Public Safety and you have set a fine example for other officers to follow.

It is my pleasure to award you this letter of recognition.


Detective Michael Toia