Public Safety Informational Notice: Ride Share Safety

Ride sharing services are growingly popular, especially on and around college campuses. In light of recent events involving ride sharing, the Department of Public Safety wants to remind our campus community about important safety tips to keep in mind when using these services:

  • Stay inside until you’re ready to go– Ride share services are simple to use and allow you to push a button to get a ride while you’re still indoors. You will be notified when your driver is arriving, so there is no need to wait outside.
  • Confirm driver details– After you request a ride, the app displays the driver’s name, photo, license plate, and car model in the app. When the car arrives, double check the information. Before you get in the car your driver should confirm your name. If not, you can ask the driver to provide his or her name and confirm it before getting in the vehicle.
  • Help your friends out – If you’re with someone requesting a ride with a ride share app who may be impaired, help them double check the driver and the car before they get in the vehicle. Or ride home together and split your fare.
  • Share your trip status– By using the share status/route feature, you can immediately share your trip and vehicle update with a friend or family member. Meeting up with friends? They can watch your trip in real-time to anticipate your arrival. Or share it with a friend or family member so they know you get home safely after a night out.
  • Use common sense– Ride share services are an easy way to make sure that everyone has a way to get home. There is no need to share personal information with your driver or fellow POOL riders. If something doesn’t feel right, follow your intuition. And if you ever feel you’re in an emergency situation, always call 911 or DPS immediately.

If you have additional questions about safety related tips while using ride share services, please contact our Crime Prevention Coordinator, Cleveland McCurty at