January 2023 Updates From the Department of Public Safety

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is thrilled to have community members back on campus and we look forward to helping facilitate a happy, healthy and safe spring semester. In today’s message, I will address the following topics:

  • Orange Alert Test
  • Community Police Academy
  • DPS Game Nights
  • Updates From CSEMS
  • Winter Weather Preparedness
  • Monthly Bias Update

Orange Alert Test

DPS will conduct a test of the Orange Alert Campus Crisis Alert Notification System on Thursday, Feb. 9, at 12:25 p.m. ET. It will be a full test of the system which includes notifications sent via email, text message and voice call. The test will also include the Orange Alert outdoor siren system on North and South Campus. The sirens will be activated for two minutes at 12:25 p.m.

To review/modify your contact information in anticipation of this Orange Alert test, visit our website for guidance.

Community Police Academy

It is not too late to submit applications for our Community Police Academy. This is a free four-week program designed to give eligible students, faculty and staff an idea of what it’s like to protect and serve our campus community.

For the spring semester, classes will be held from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. in Lyman Hall on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, Feb. 15
  • Wednesday, Feb. 22
  • Wednesday, Mar. 1
  • Wednesday, Mar. 8

To learn more and apply, visit dps.syr.edu.

DPS Game Nights

Our DPS team is excited to have a full slate of DPS Game Nights scheduled for the spring semester. As always, we will have a PlayStation 5 and Oculus Quest available for use. Anyone interested in attending can join us this Wednesday, Feb. 8, at the Schine Student Center, from 5 to 8 p.m.

We always welcome your suggestions for other events we can host that allow our officers and our community to get to know each other better. Be sure to follow us on social media for more information on future game nights and other DPS events: @SyracuseDPS.

Updates From Campus Safety and Emergency Management Services (CSEMS)

Our CSEMS team has been hard at work since the end of the fall semester. I would like to update you all on some of the recent news from within the department:

Impact Of Implicit Bias on Customer Service Training

CSEMS personnel recently completed customer service training, so we can better serve our campus community. This training, put together by Professional Consulting Associates, was designed to highlight the strengths of our agency, and to objectively address any obvious or subtle issue related to the impact of implicit bias on customer service.

Our CSEMS team was able to learn and grow from this experience. Our residential community safety officers will complete this training following the semester, which will mark the training being completed by all CSEMS personnel. I’m looking forward to seeing how it impacts the service we provide moving forward.

Employees of the Month—January 2023

I am pleased to share that Officers Kara Salce and Chuck Fiesinger have been selected as the January 2023 Employees of the Month! The two officers went above and beyond navigating a case that resulted in the arrest and successful prosecution of the perpetrator.

Officer Salce created a safe environment and established a crucial line of honest communication with the victims. Those efforts allowed the victims to feel comfortable enough to share what they had experienced. At the same time, Officer Fiesinger was instrumental in securing a crucial admission from the perpetrator during transport. Congratulations to them both!

Winter Weather Preparedness

Even though we have mostly avoided major winter weather so far, I want to stress the importance of being prepared for it. I urge you to review our 2022-23 winter weather preparedness message. It is helpful to know how the University makes decisions during severe winter weather and how you can best stay informed. For winter weather forecasts and resources, visit the National Weather Service website.

Monthly Bias Update

There are no new updates to share. As a reminder, if we do have additional updates, we will update the chart on our website and share any developments in this monthly email.

It is also never too late to come forward with information. You can call DPS at 315.443.2224 or submit information anonymously via the Silent Witness tool. In addition, to report a bias incident or to receive support, visit the STOP Bias website.

I wish you all a safe and productive semester.


Craig A. Stone
Associate Vice President and Chief
Department of Public Safety