Verbal Altercation on Quad Results in One Arrest

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

We are writing this evening to share an update on an incident that occurred on our campus this afternoon.

A small group of individuals, including three parents, approached the student demonstration taking place on the Quad. Witnesses say one parent was especially aggressive in his verbal treatment of the students. When asked to deescalate by Student Experience staff, the parent refused, escalated to grabbing and tossing students’ food from a table, moving signs and continuing to verbally berate the students in the protest space. At this time, we believe there was no physical contact with protesters. When Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers intervened, they asked the parent to deescalate and depart campus. When the parent refused, he was arrested. The student protesters remained peaceful at all times during the incident.

Harassing behavior or conduct from anyone that creates a safety concern will not be tolerated.

DPS officers and members of the Student Experience team continue to be present at the site of the Quad protest. They remain focused on the safety of every student.


Allen W. Groves
Senior Vice President and Chief Student Experience Officer

Craig Stone
Associate Vice President and Chief, Campus Safety and Emergency Management Services