Portable Bathroom Permit

The following procedures must be complied with by all organizations desiring to have Portable Bathrooms on the Syracuse University campus.

  1. Complete and submit the permit application (page 2) to the Fire and Life Safety Services Office (FLSS) at least three weeks prior to the scheduled event.
  2. Obtain approval from FLSS which will make notifications as necessary.
  3. Upon approval of this permit, FLSS Fire/Safety Inspector will ensure that the following procedures are followed:
    1. All portable bathrooms must be placed on a solid surface which limits absorption into the ground if a spill should occur.
    2. All portable bathrooms must be stable.
    3. Portable bathrooms must not be placed by any type of drain, which could affect the health of the public.
    4. FLSS must be notified if the placement of the portable bathrooms changes/differs from the original location listed on this permit.
    5. The portable bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized as necessary.
    6. FLSS shall have the right to revoke this permit at any time before or during an event if an unsafe or hazardous situation occurs.

If you have any questions regarding this permit or the procedures to be followed, please contact Brian O’Hara at 315.443.7567 or baohara@syr.edu

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