Tent Permit

This permit will be issued under the provisions of the Fire Prevention Code, Article 29. And that all regulations are now adopted, or that may hereafter be adopted, shall be complied with.

  • Permits will be issued for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Adequate exits shall be provided as per inspection.
  • No portable heaters are to be used in tents.
  • All exits and aisles shall be kept clear at all times.
  • Approved fire extinguishers shall be provided.
  • “No Smoking” signs shall be posted inside of tent(s).
  • All decorative materials, if used, shall be of flame proof material.
  • Evidence of tent flame proofing and insurance shall be provided to this department.
  • The subject of this permit shall be open to inspection by this department at any time.

*Indicates required field.